DIY 100% Natural Aromatherapy Self Care Products

10/12/2016 from 10.00am to 2.00pm

At Oasis Natural Health Centres

852 Brunswick Street, 4005 New Farm

Price: $79

Today, there is a movement away from synthetic and mass produced self care products. Consumers are actively looking for ways to get back to what is real and good for themselves and their families.

Self care is not simply a cosmetic concern, but, rather a concern about the health and care of our skin (the largest organ of the body). It’s easier to appreciate why natural skincare is better for your skin and health when you discover the chemicals contained in commercially made products on the market today (mineral oil, petroleum jelly (or petrolatum), animal by-products and laboratory produced chemicals).

The DIY 100% Natural Aromatherapy self care products Workshop will teach you how to make quality natural care products that will suits your needs and strengthen your health with reasonable price. DIY care products are also excellent personal gifts!

Desiree Latour, is a dedicated and passionate facilitator in natural therapies. She is a qualified herbalist, a gifted Aromatherapist, Hypnotherapist, Lecturer and Teacher. Through this DIY workshop she will share with you her skills and knowledge in order to make healthy home-made products!

During this workshop you will learn:

  • Aromatherapy basics
  • What ingredients to use and what to avoid
  • Essential Oils & Recommended Dilutions
  • Recipes (workbook)

You will learn to make a vast diversity of aromatherapy natural products and bring home:

A 100ml Air Fresher and Purifier Spray Mist

A relaxation/headache massage blend

A face cream

$79 fees include:

– All ingredients

– Containers

– Workbook with recipes

– Tools and equipment

– Morning tea

 It is a great way to bring together friends, family or anyone wanting to learn how to make their own natural self care products and a beautiful way to make your own personalized present for Christmas.

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chakra workshop v3

Chakra Balancing with Essential Oils

22/10/2016 from 10.00 am to 4.00 pm

At Oasis Natural Health Centres in New Farm

Price: $127 (morning tea and lunch included)

Desiree Latour, our gifted Aromatherapist, Hypnotherapist, Yoga & Meditation teacher will take you through an amazing journey discovering your chakras along the way. A delightful escape to meet with your own energy and learn how chakras affect your life.

You will learn to discover your chakras with movements and energy exercises and understand which chakras govern your health and emotions. You will discover to rebalance your energies with essential oils to support you physically, emotionally and mentally.

You will also take part of a visualisation with crystals and colors…

Morning tea and a fresh lunch will be offered to the participants.

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