Reiki Healing Treatment

indexA Reiki session is an individualised experience that is relaxing, gentle, and safe for all.  It involves healing in a way that will empower you while respecting your feelings and choices.

As you lay on a treatment table, fully clothed, soft music will play in the background. I will then place my hands on your body, lightly touching specific areas called chakras, places in the body where the energy flows through. This is never intrusive and you will begin to feel very relaxed as you allow the energy to flow to the areas where it is most needed by your body.  It is at this stage that people usually begin to feel the stress lifting.  It is a remarkable experience and for most the effects are immediate while others may not notice anything for a few days.  Reiki always works and the more open you are the more intense your experience will be.

If you are having problems in specific areas I will concentrate more energy there.  Reiki always goes where it is needed most whether it is mental, physical, and/or spiritual.  Many clients report that they felt calm, relaxed, and sometimes even tingly during their session.  They always look forward to their next session. It is not uncommon for a client to present with pain and leave with none or very little.  It is not uncommon for a client to report that they had seen bright colors or specific images. Reiki is relaxing but you cannot assume that each session will be the same.

Each time you have a session Reiki meets you where you are at that moment and then moves you from that place closer to your unique place of balance.

What to wear for your Reiki treatment?

  • Comfortable, loose clothing
  • Limited jewelry
  • Shoes that are easily removable
  • No belts
  • No perfumes or colognes
  • Long hair should be pulled back for access to the neck

Price: $90/1 hour