The meaning of the month of September

The name September came from the latin “seven”. Lucky “seven” is indicative of pure perfection. It is also symbolic of a secure sense of safety and rest. After all the chaotic energy the year 2017 thrown at us (the peak was characterized by the solar eclipse of the 21th of August), it is now time to rest, ground and refocus our energies.

Acknowledge your efforts

September is also the ninth month of the year. “Nine” is believed to be the number of wisdom and magic, representing the ultimate attainment of enlightenment, accomplishment, and satisfaction. By recognizing our personal achievements, we can be satisfied of our efforts and start to focus on new goals and challenges.

A “Mellow Month”

The spring equinox occurs during this month (on the 23rd of September). It is the time in the Earth’s revolution when the sun is directly over the equator. This causes the day and night to be exactly equal. From this point in time the sun will continue to move south, cooling the northern regions and warming the southern hemisphere. September got the reputation to be a “mellow month” and an adequate period for smooth new beginnings and projects. It is a month to try to reach harmony and equilibrium.

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