The Healing Power of Intention

Most well-known healers, including those who have a specialty or technique to impart to others, embrace the notion of intention as a guiding principle in their work. Intent signifies a purpose or aim that is firmly directed or fixed, with some degree of earnestness and intensity. It implies a meaning or significance to an act that may not be explicitly expressed. Intent has recently been proved to be a massively important component of the healing process, focusing on the motivation of the practitioner.

How does it work?

From quantum physics and the work and research of such great scientists as Albert Einstein, Neals Bohr, and others, the power of intention has been demonstrated to have the capacity to sway the trajectory of a bullet (fired by a gun) away from the target!

Thoughts targeted to an end can affect inanimate objects and practically all living things from unicelular organisms to human beings. The emission of light particles (biophotons) seems to be the mechanism through which an intention produces its effects. All living organisms emit a constant current of photons as a mean to direct instantaneous non local signals from one part of the body to another and to the outside world.  Biophotons are stored in the intra celular DNA. When the organism is sick changes in biophotons emissions are produced. Direct intention manifests itself as an electric and magnetic energy producing an ordered flux of photons. Our intentions seem to operate as highly coherent frequencies capable of changing the molecular structure of matter.

The healer responsibility

In order to produce those changes in the patient, the healer need to have a strong desire to help, but also an understanding of how to achieve the goal and how to facilitate the intervention and relinquishment of attachment to the outcome. Understanding one’s motives (why one wishes to help or to heal) is part of the healer’s responsibility in self-learning, making the healing act one of careful consideration and mindfulness.

The water experiment

A perfect way to understand the power of intention is to discover the amazing work Dr. Emoto’s performed on water.

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