Reiki Healing

What is Reiki Healing ?

Reiki, means ‘universal energy’. It is a system of energy healing that works to heal you at the chakra level of your energy to relieve imbalances or disharmony. Reiki originated in Japan, but now has become popular in Western countries and throughout the world. It is a marvellous treatment for those needing relaxation and  stress reduction.

Reiki is also used as a complementary therapy to help with your physical ailments, and can help you release the emotional traumas crystallized in your body. Reiki is suitable for anyone of all ages and backgrounds and can be used in conjunction with other conventional medical treatments such as :

  • Cancer treatments
  • Post tramatic stress injury
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Post surgical treatment
  • And many other conditions..

Who can benefit from a Reiki treatment?

Individuals seek Reiki treatments for a variety of reasons; cancer patients, pregnant women, individuals needing pain / stress relief and those looking to explore new paths to positive change.  They experience the tremendous benefit of healing and balancing energy.  Reiki works on clearing energy blocks in the body, mind, and spirit to restore balance.

Reiki’s Love and Light energies operate at a very high level and its cumulative effects work deeply through different areas of your life. Consider having three sessions, to begin with if you are working towards balancing, clearing and creating a specific personal situation.  It’s important to point out that it is not necessary to have any kind of symptoms during or even after Reiki treatments.  The energetic levels of each individual will differ, therefore, each experience will be unique to them.

How regularly you have Reiki treatments and how close the intervals are will make a difference in the potential for your personal changes to occur.  The connection you have with your practitioner and your attitude to treatment are important factors that will effect your experience.

What to expect during a Reiki treatment ?

A Reiki healing treatment is an enjoyable experience. As the healer places their hands on the body to rebalance energy,  different sensations can be experienced. A lot of people report a warmth feeling or some gentle tingling. But most of the time the benefits of a Reiki treatment are:

  • Deep feeling of peace & relaxation
  • Feeling ‘lighter’, more positive and emotionally released
  • Increased energy & motivation
  • Reduction in aches & pains
  • Helps lift stress & depression
  • Better, deeper sleep

Reiki is totally safe and if the treatment is not combined with a massage, the patient remains fully clothed throughout the treatment.