Intuitive Healing

Intuitive Healing combines the power of Intuition with Energy work, to identify areas of the body and mind that need addressing, re-integrating and healing. I can use other tools during a treatment such as Acupressure (EFT), Aromatherapy and Tarot (specifically if you are looking answers to a specific problem). This treatment is not guess work, but relies on experience in reading the energetic language of the body to identify roots causes of physical ailment or problems in life. For example, chronic pain in the knees can be the physical manifestation of inflexibility in mind – or, repressed anger at a loved one can result in digestive disorders and acute stomach pain. A highly anxious person will feel a block in their solar plexus, have difficulty breathing and might have intercostal and back pain. The anxious feeling can be related to an imbalance Solar Plexus chakra, the center of our fears and self-confidence.

The Intuitive Healing process is gentle and supportive and offers a therapeutic opportunity to release past emotional or physical trauma under the guidance of an experienced intuitive healer. Many clients experience significant positive change within days of their first treatment, with some claiming miracles have occurred in their life as a result – when its only the power of intuitive healing!

This treatment is recommended for:

– those seeking an intuitive approach to their natural health.

– those suffering from ailments or dis-ease that are dissatisfied with traditional modes of healthcare.

– those that have re-occurring ailments or dis-ease and want to discover the root causes of it.

– those with emotional residue that needs clearing.

– those seeking an overall holistic healing experience.

90 minutes – $120