Geranium Essential Oil: your best Allie for emotional support

Geranium is the antidote for emotional outbursts.  In fact it is the correspondence of rescue remedy in Aromatherapy.  Geranium is used to balance excessive emotional upheaval and  can be used during state of shock to help recovery (physically, mentally and emotionally).  Geraniaum Essential Oil has the ability to soften these emotional states/moods.  For long term, the oil can assist the return to emotional stability after traumatic events.

Repressed feelings of anger and depression can come up with this oil in order for those emotions to be faced and relieved. For people in deep need of emotional release, Geranium allows the positive expression of anger.  When the emotional energy of anger is positively relieved it can motivate you to change a situation or a behavior no longer desired, instead of turning it against yourself or others in a destructive way.  Depression also causes an emotional inability of learning from experiences and circumstances and building a secure foundation for oneself.  By going deep within it and exploring what it’s trying to tell us about certain aspects of our life, it may show that we need to change conditions or alter patterns in ourselves.

Geranium Essentail Oil stimulates Yin characteristics, like sharing and sensitivity.  Geranium helps us to progress from not feeling good enough.  It brings out slow, definite change that may not be noticeable at first.  In cases of over-expression, it can soften and transmute the feelings.  It will bring us back to balance if we are overwhelmed by hyper-stimulation, specially brought about by other oils.  Yes there can be too much of a good thing!

Geranium can be used indefinitely.  It can be applied to the following points: wrists, ankles, and ears for emotional stability.  It can safely be used neat on the skin.

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