Chakra Cleansing and Balancing

Chakra Cleansing & Balancing addresses the Chakra system, which are seven major energy centres found in the body. Each Chakra point correlates to specific physical and emotional qualities, so when one Chakra is out of balance the emotional and physical qualities of this Chakra will be affected in the negative, which in turn can affect surrounding Chakras. For example, inability to save money, personal problems, relationship strains, an acute feeling of insecurity, anxiety and communication difficulties can all be the result of imbalances in the Chakras.

This treatment will help to identify imbalances in each individual Chakra, and then use techniques to re-establish balance in that Chakra again. In re-balancing the Chakra, life force is able to flow within and through this Chakra freely, therefore promoting physical and emotional health and wellness throughout that specific chakra point and the rest of the chakra system.

During a Chakra Balancing treatment, I use Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Energy Healing (Reiki), Aromatherapy and my own intuition to identify and re-equilibrate the imbalances within your energy system.

This treatment is highly recommended for:

  • those needing energetic re-alignment in the body.
  • those experiencing physical and/or emotional imbalance.
  • those experiencing financial problems and worries.
  • those with family and personal relationships problems.
  • those needing grounding in their life.
  • those seeking a boost in their self-confidence and positive self-identity.
  • those wanting to attract love into their life.
  • those needing leadership skills or to communicate effectively.
  • those wanting to heighten their intuitive skills and insight.
  • those wanting to increase their consciousness.
  • Periods of changes and transformations when you have to let go of the past and ancient blockages.
 60 minutes – $90