Geranium is the antidote for emotional outbursts.  In fact it is the correspondence of rescue remedy in Aromatherapy.  Geranium is used to balance excessive emotional upheaval and  can be used during state of shock to help recovery (physically, mentally and emotionally).  Geraniaum Essential Oil has the ability to soften these […]

Geranium Essential Oil: your best Allie for emotional support

Edward Bach was a physician who specialized in bacteriology at a major London hospital. He succeeded in developing a series of vaccines for ridding the body of certain intestinal bacteria, but was also attracted to homeopathy. He later prepared the bacteria in question as homeopathic remedies and found his patients […]

What are the benefits of Bach Flowers Remedies?

Colds are characterised by symptoms such as runny nose, cough and sore throat. In the winter months, the flu inflicts a similar misery on people but includes fever and acute muscle pain. Influenza when serious can lead to complications such as pneumonia. It is why it must be taken seriously. […]

Natural Cold and Flu Remedies for a faster recovery!

What is cancer? Cancer is a severe condition that affects more and more people especially in western countries. Cancer can be any of many different conditions where the body’s cell duplicate and grow uncontrollably, invade healthy tissues and possibly spread throughout the body. Contrarily as we usually think, it is […]

The Top 7 Essential Oils to fight Cancer

From health benefits to improved cognition and intelligence, from success at work to more harmonious relationships, the benefits of meditation are much more powerful than we could ever have imagined. Here is an overview of the biggest benefits of meditation, based on latest scientific research. Stress, depression and anxiety relief […]

Why should we all meditate?

After experiencing sudden, intense stress or moderate stress that is constant over a period of time, the body’s ability to regulate itself becomes compromised and health declines. Stress causes the body to lose its ability to rebalance, to restore homeostasis. Unless they are addressed, the stresses of everyday life (environmental, emotional, physical, financial, […]

The amazing benefits of Reiki healing!