5 tips for an energetic Spring Clean

Spring is finally here, and during this season, we humans come alive with vitality. We are suddenly driven to plant flowers, tidy our yards and clean. As you clean out your home, pack up your woolens and bring your spring clothes out of storage, remember it is important to clear the energies from those spaces as well.

Every person or item who entered your home has an energy that leaves a residue in that space. Spring cleaning from an energetic perspective means clearing those old energies, as much as it means tidying, dusting, folding and sweeping.

Here are some ideas on how to clear old energies:

1. Burn an incense stick with sage or frankincense to clear and rebalance the old energies that were in your home (you can also use an Aromatherapy Mist specifically made to clear energies).

2. Raise the vibration of your home. Everything in the universe is vibration. Use healing frequencies to raise the vibration of your place. You can find on Youtube a lot of vibrational healing music (528hz & 432Hz). To clear your own energy you can use the sound of your own voice by delivering an “Om”.

3. Visualize a pyramid or a globe of clear, bright white light coming down from the other dimensions and settling perfectly over your entire house. Do this exercise in your mind’s eye, knowing and trusting that when the pyramid settles over the area of your focus, it will clear, balance, renew and refresh the energies within it. Then in the weeks to come, whenever you think of it, refill the pyramid with clean, clear energy.

4. Use color to shift the energies in your immediate field. Visualize yourself bathed in whatever color you intuitively feel you need to either clean the field or balance it. You might then feel the need for a second color infusion to bring you the frequencies you need after the space has been cleared.

5. Ask for protection. Ask your guides, departed loved ones or the saints you believe in to protect yourself, your home and your family. It will help you connect with the other realms and allow the love and protection of those on the other side to manifest in your life.

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